Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are The Vocal Seniority?
    We are not, and will not be, "The Silent Majority"
    The Vocal Seniority (Raising Cane) was formed shortly after the presidential election by a small, seasoned group of concerned senior citizens who are alarmed about the direction the country appears to be headed. These seniors felt compelled to organize in promoting fundamental principles of a democratic society that are in jeopardy. Participation in The Vocal Seniority group is not restricted to Bend residents, or to seniors. All concerned citizens are encouraged to join the email list as a “Vocal Senior” if you want to be updated on a variety of  actions that we anticipate will be recommended over the next four years of the Trump Administration. The group may entertain nonviolent civil disobedience if and when the need arises.
  2. What do you do as a group?

    As elders with a strong sense of history, The Vocal Seniority actively promotes social and economic justice and environmental sustainability.

    The group is shocked and worried by recent political events that pose a threat to the gains we have made towards peace, social justice, environmental protection and democratic principles. We believe that acquiescence is affirmation. Accordingly, the group will stand up and speak out for a vision of America that embraces core principles that we hold dear. We will lend our experience by working with other groups in promoting diversity and inclusion in our society, by preserving the health and sustainability of our environment, and by creating a vision of the world that embraces compassion, peace, and humanism.    

  3. Can I join The Vocal Seniority?

    We don't maintain a membership as such but you may contact us directly by emailing us at [email protected]  to share information or suggestions.

    You can also sign on to our mailing list to receive occasional  emails with alerts, announcements, links to articles, etc. We will also post notice of upcoming events on this website.

  4. Can I contribute to The Vocal Seniority?

    We don't ask for or accept monetary donations at this time but you may contribute your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, feedback, articles, encouragement, concerns, upcoming events, etc. by emailing us at  [email protected]

  5. What events are planned?

    With the rising tide of opposition to the Trump agenda, new events are popping up day-to-day. Be sure to look at the "What's Happening" page to see the latest.

  6. Do I have to be a senior to participate?

    No!! But we would prefer you be vocal! Being a Vocal Senior is a state of mind, a dedication to the principles outlined in our Mission Statement and Vision for America.  Sign up for our mailing list , email us with your thoughts and ideas, grab a cane, and participate with us in making our voices be heard, loud and clear.