Reject Trump's Fake Emergency

In response to President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency, the community of Bend is invited to participate in a peaceful protest. We also ask you to call Senators Merkley and Wyden and Congressman Walden. Call script details are at the bottom of this email.

When: Monday, February 18th, 5:00 pm
Where: Peace Corner (NW Greenwood and Wall)
Co-Hosts: Indivisible Bend, Central Oregon Women’s March, The Vocal Seniority, Protect Our Progress Coalition, Central Oregon Jobs With Justice, and Latino Community Association.

There is no crisis at the southern border. Rather, there are families with children fleeing violence in their home countries and attempting to apply for asylum in this country. The president is attempting to subvert the separation of powers mandated by the Constitution. His fake emergency declaration represents a gross misuse of executive authority meant to be deployed in actual emergency situations.

In solidarity with marches across the United States, we will gather on President’s Day to:

  1. Demand that the president honor our US Constitution, which grants our country's funding appropriations to Congress.
  2. Oppose the construction of a racist, ineffective, and unnecessary border wall.  

In addition to joining us on the street corner, please also call our Members of Congress (MoCs). All three of them are calling out the President on this unconstitutional power grab. 

Senator Ron Wyden:  DC tel: 202-224-5244
"The only national emergency here is the damage Trump’s fragile ego is doing to the country."

Senator Jeff Merkley: DC tel: 202-224-3753
“This is basically what happens in a dictatorship, you declare an emergency and you do whatever you want.”

Congressman Greg Walden:  DC tel: (202) 225-6730 
"I strongly object to any president acting outside of those explicit authorities to spend money that Congress has not appropriated for specific initiatives.”

I am horrified that Trump just abused his power to declare a fake emergency. He is going around Congress and the will of the people to get his way. Congress must do everything in its authority to stop this antidemocratic power grab. Will [Member of Congress] commit publicly to supporting a resolution to terminate this false emergency? Will they also publicly call for investigations into this abuse of power?