Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction
Work Session and Legislative Hearing

Official announcement
What: Legislative hearing on the Clean Energy Jobs Bill (HB 2020)
When: Saturday, March 2, 2019 at 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Where: Central Oregon Community College, Cascade Hall, Room 246-248

Work Session, Possible Introduction of Committee Measures, and Public Hearing

HB 2020
Establishes Carbon Policy Office within Oregon Department of Administrative Services and directs Director of Carbon Policy Office to adopt Oregon Climate Action Program by rule.

Written materials can be submitted to [email protected]

Send materials or presentations to the email at the top of the agenda 24 hours in advance of the meeting date. All submissions will be posted and made public on the Oregon Legislative Information System (OLIS).

For ADA accommodation requests, please email [email protected] or call 1-800-332-2313.

What other groups are saying about the importance of attending this hearing

You can find below calls to action from many groups emphasizing the importance of this Field Hearing. We would like to add to the sampling of statements below that you cannot underestimate the importance of just showing up, even if that's all you do! Even better, of course, is to submit written testimony and even better, giving oral testimony!

Click on the logo for each of these groups to go to the relevant pages of their websites.

We wanted you to know:

A public hearing on the Clean Energy Jobs Bill is coming to Bend soon!  There’s a real opportunity to pass HB 2020 in this 2019 Legislative Session, and we need you to show up to support meaningfully efforts in Oregon for tackling Climate Change!  Even if you don’t personally testify, be there, be counted.   

Other Public Hearings:
Feb. 25 – Baker City – Remote live feed for remotely testifying into the Capitol in Salem
March 1 - The Dalles – The Dalles Civic Auditorium, Community Room, 1:00-3:00PM

The cap-and-invest system set up by this Clean Energy Jobs bill not only guarantees the reduction of harmful pollution, it will also strengthen our economy with living-wage jobs.  Big Oil is pulling out all the stops to keep from being held accountable for their pollution, fighting HB 2020 tooth and nail.  Legislators need to hear your voice to ensure passage of the strongest bill possible and to reject weakening amendments. See Sierra Club Talking Points HERE for live or written comment suggestions.

We Need YOU—send a strong message that you want Climate Action now by showing up for a Public Hearing!  Again, due to this public hearing, the Clean Energy Jobs Bill Forum previously scheduled for March 3 in Bend has been postponed. Questions? Contact [email protected]

Gretchen Valido, Chair
Sierra Club Juniper Group
c/o The Environmental Center
16 NW Kansas
Bend, OR  97703


It’s never been more important for us to show up for Clean Energy Jobs. The future of this bill depends on us keeping the pressure on and the public turnout high.
Next Saturday, lawmakers are headed to Bend because they want to hear from YOU.

Now’s our chance to show the breadth of statewide support for Clean Energy Jobs. Can you attend a meeting with lawmakers from 9 a.m. - noon at Central Oregon Community College, (2600 NW College Way, Cascades Hall room 246-248)?
Better yet, can you sign up to speak your support? Let’s pack the room with Oregonians demanding a brighter climate future.

Big polluters, like oil and industrial companies, and other opponents have ramped up their opposition. They’re telling lies and spreading fear. They’re sending emails to their membership lists, just like we are today, trying to get as many opponents to attend Friday’s meeting as possible. Opponents had a solid showing last Friday in Salem during a similar hearing, so we’ve got to make sure our supporters turn out in force.

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With gratitude,
Dina Le Roux
Digital Director
Renew Oregon

PS: Feeling nervous about testifying? Email us and we can help. We will also be meeting 1 hour before the Bend hearing to work with anyone who needs help with their testimony and make sure you get signed up to speak.

Clean Energy Jobs: What's happening and how to help
by Zach Baker on February 14, 2019

The biggest climate legislation in Oregon history is moving forward!
The 2019 Clean Energy Jobs bill was formally introduced earlier this month. The Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction is meeting to consider the bill. A record-breaking 700 people went to Salem last week to call on the Legislature to commit to bold climate action. And public hearings are scheduled around the state over the next few weeks for Oregonians to weigh in on the bill.
Please help keep up the momentum! Come to a hearing in Bend, Medford, Salem, Springfield, or the Dalles. If you can't make any of the hearings, you can still email the committee members. 

We have a bill! House Bill 2020

House Bill 2020 lays out the framework for a cap and invest program that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and invests in projects that will benefit Oregonians. It includes key provisions that we’ll need your help to protect as well as some places we’ll need to work together to strengthen.
The bill sets limits on pollution by the state’s largest polluters, and reduces climate pollution with a cap on emissions that gets smaller each year until 2050. It also requires significant near-term reductions by 2035, which are especially important for avoiding the worst climate impacts.
It also generates resources to invest in renewable energy, clean transportation, healthy forests and more across the state. The bill currently includes a priority to direct investments to the communities most impacted by climate change where feasible, but we’ll be working to secure stronger language to ensure that the communities most impacted by climate change receive a majority of the investments.
Make your voice heard!

Legislators need to hear that people want to see bold climate action move forward this spring. Please join us at an upcoming hearing of the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction:

  • The Dalles: March 1, noon-3pm at The Dalles Civic Auditorium, 323 East 4th St.
  • Bend: March 2, 9am-noon at Central Oregon Community College, Cascade Hall Room 246-248, 2600 NW College Way 

If you can’t attend any of the hearings, please email the committee to tell them that climate action can’t wait.

There are many important components to the bill and we’ll likely see a number of good and bad amendments over the coming weeks. Your help will be critical in protecting key provisions and passing the strongest bill possible.
Resources for testimony and for learning more
Specific to CEJB
An opinion piece in The Bulletin from Vocal Senior, Roger Sabbadini:

From Alan Journet, PhD of Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN):

"For those attending Hearings, or wondering about them, here is my shared response to the Hearing in Medford.

We had some 70 proponents squaring off against about an equal number of opponents in testimony.  Ours was diverse and urged passage of HB2020 or strengthening of HB2020 while the opponents clung to the usual two or there fear-mongering misinformation claims. And those were the ones who didn't just deny climate science. 

I have submitted a Guest Column to the Medford Mail Tribune along these lines - and await a response"

You can download his response here:
Responses to The Main Medford Hearing Opposition Talking Points
HB 2020 Statewide Public Hearings Info for Writing Testimony
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